HydrangeasOver my lifetime I have learned that not everything works as it is presented that it should. The list that follows are some of my favorite things that DO REALLY WORK! Some of them I just stumbled upon, and was so very glad I did! Give them a try and be totally impressed with the results you find!

Miracol by Merle Norman Cosmetics

This is a mask and is one of the original products from this line. Yes, it is old, but it works like MAGIC! I use it not only as intended as a mask for the face, but here is a list of what I use it for:

Acne—all types including pustular, Sun burns: it takes the pain, itch and dead skin away, actual burns on the skin: takes the pain away and it heals the skin faster, diaper rash, any rash on the skin, bug bites, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles—really I’ve used it for all those skin disorders I have personally experienced.

Pretty Feet & Hands

Wow! This is a fantastic exfoliator and will take all that dead skin off your hands and feet. Remember to do a hydrating mask and follow with hand crème.

Mary Kay Hand Crème

This is the best hand crème I have found! Not sticky and keeps the hands in great condition in the winter time.

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray

This will keep even the most stubborn hair in place!

Goo Gone

If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out! It takes anything sticky or gummy AWAY!

99% Alcohol

This is a SOLVENT and cannot be used like 50, 70, or 91 percent alcohol.

Dansko or Clark Shoes

If your feet hurt, just go buy a pair of either of these shoes! No kidding!

Keurig Coffee Makers

I’ve tried nearly every coffee maker and I have two Keurigs—the single cup maker and the 2.0 K560. The coffee is perfect every time, and you have many choices of other drinks for your family and friends.

Author Earl Nightengale

Just read him. He’s the father of Positive Motivation. You’ll love him as I do.

Egyptian Cotton

Oh what a luxury!

Crystal Quartz and your favorite stones

If you don’t have any, you are definitely missing out as they are amazing!


There are several types of this turmeric nutritional. Ask the Nutritional Store where you shop for the appropriate type for you. This one is a life changer and helps with many areas of health! Check it out!

Vitamin D

This is actually a hormone and not really a vitamin! If you are deficient, it will make a huge difference in many bodily systems.

Enerprime by Impax

This is an immune booster made by a man who was in search of something to help his daughter, which it did! It makes every cell in the body stronger—and it makes hair grow! Amazing product—check it out.

If you have a favorite product that really works, email me so that I can add it to the list!

More to come, so keep checking back…..

Blessings to you,


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