One-on-One Coaching & Consulting

Are you a professional or an entrepreneur who wants to be at the top of your game?


Are there things you can’t do or want to improve?

Don’t know how to do or what to do?

Perhaps things you won’t do?

Or maybe you just don’t know what you don’t know yet…


Have you mastered yourself yet?

My name is Syndee, my friends and clients call me Syn.

I’m an Intuitive Self-Mastery Coach & Business Consultant and I absolutely love to strategize with clients to connect your passion and your purpose with your dreams and your goals.

Would you like to learn how to brainstorm with collective consciousness to uncover answers to your most sought after questions?

If you’re on this page then you are the perfect candidate for intuitive support in your life and or business to catapult you to the top of your game and increase your bottom line, your self-confidence, and your level of happiness!

Syndee has made it possible for me to travel away from my business and know that it will continue on as if I were there.  I have hired several support people over the years, but have never had my business not only run so smoothly, but also increase revenue at the same time!  Even though my business is running so smoothly, she will continue on retainer!” – KR


I have always been about helping people achieve their goals in every position I’ve held or businesses I’ve owned.  My accumulated experience has morphed into a huge value for clients working with me by getting access to that experience and my intuitive gifts!  If you add in my integrity, I am your thought shifter and you secret keeper while supporting you on your journey to success, happiness, and life fulfillment!

Get a Business Diagnosis from an intuitive professional and triage YOUR big picture or the part of it you select.   INVEST IN YOU! 

  • Build on what is working
  • Develop areas that are not working
  • Develop Additional Income sources
  • Analyze systems and gain solutions
  • Build on your skill sets
  • Write or update your Business Plan
  • Gain Support with Resources
  • Select Customized Support

After decades of successful experience in business and a happy personal life, my drive and passion is to help you maneuver the bumps in the road, and to help you find

  • Your joy of discovering and achieving your goals,
  • Your happiness
  • Your sought after dreams
  • Or all three!

Working one-on-one with an intuitive business coach like me can no doubt help your business grow in ways you can’t even see, but you’ll get so much more out of my coaching that you don’t even expect.

Many clients report massive personal mindset shifts, better quality relationships and more!

After hiring two different people to prepare a business plan for my new business, Syndee was the one that was able to do such a great job that it got my foot in the door of a huge client.  She created the Service Delivery Plan that sealed the deal with that huge client and allowed my business to be a vendor for them.  Every time I wrote a check for her services, I said, “You are so expensive,…but you’re so good!!”  She’s worth every penny and I’m thrilled that she is on my team, and feel confident that she will support my business needs.”When working one-on-one with me I do like to dive deep. We get to the heart of the matter pretty quickly in most cases. It can be enlightening and eye-opening.” – MCR


If you’ve done a lot of self-development work before, other business coaching or even traditional therapy but you still aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for then look no further, this is your next step. 

There is no risk with my money back guarantee.


If you believe now is the time to take your business to the next level, then the best way to find out if we’re a good fit or not to working together is to come speak with me in a complimentary strategy session – YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THAT RIGHT NOW, HERE.

When we work together, you can expect:

  • Our calls will be completely private and confidential
  • 99% of my coaching is done over the phone. If you live in my area (Sacramento, CA) however often times I do see clients in person, it just depends.
  • We can do 30 min sessions or 60 min sessions, it really depends on your preference and availability.
  • I will go above and beyond for you to help however I can.
  • You’ll see positive results pretty quickly or your money back!

I can do any or all of the following type of coaching with your sessions depending on your needs:

  • Corporate / Executive
  • Entrepreneur / Small Business
  • Life / Success

If you’ve spoken with me already and are ready to rock and roll then sign up with one of the options below and we’ll get your first call on the calendar ASAP!

3 Options Available for one-on-one coaching:


    • Try Me Out (2 session package – 60 min each) = $299 total

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    • Insightful Intuitive”I’m On My Way Package”  (3 months  – 2 60 min calls each month plus additional resources as needed) = $1,199 total (payment plan available)

Enroll with one payment of $1,199

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Enroll with 3 monthly payments of $499

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    • Signature “Ultimate Package” (1 year of full, unlimited phone or email access to Syndee, her intuitive gifts, advice, coaching, any and all classes she holds, resources, referrals and so much more!) = $10,000 (payment plan available)

Enroll with one payment of $10,000

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Enroll with 12 monthly payments of $999

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Not sure which option is the best fit for you? Talk with me in a complimentary strategy session today and we can figure it out together! Sign up for that here now.