Take a mental vacation!

If you have been in a professional business, I’m certain that you have heard the phrase, “Take a Mental Vacation” to relieve your stress, yes? If not, I’ll walk you through how to do it as it is a very effective way to release stress on the spot!

I actually learned this when I was in middle management for a national company that worked their salaried management unbelievable hours every week! By that I mean my short day was a 12 hour day, my long day was an 18 hour day, and my day off was a 10 hour day! Yup, I worked my day off nearly every week—AND it was expected.

One of my managers walked into my office one day and told me that I needed to go home. I said, “What?” She proceeded to tell me that I had worked 91 hours so far that week. She had gotten my attention, and I then asked her how did she know how many hours I had worked?? She went on to tell me that she had worked right along side of me and she was tired. I told her she needed to go home; I had work to complete. Geez. I wasn’t tired until she told me that!

DesertAfter a conversation like that I really needed a mental vacation!

Since it was a large facility and very few private places to go, I went into the ladies room, went into a stall where my feet were not easy to see (yes, staff called me out even in there!), and proceeded to enjoy my mental vacation. Here is how it works:

  1. Think of a place that is your very favorite place. You need not have visited it previously, but it does help if you have.
  2. Focus on that place, see what it is, feel it, smell it, think of how you felt when you were there before or how you might feel if you visited that special place.
  3. Spend a moment just being there.
  4. If you mind returns to your surroundings, take yourself back to your favorite place.
  5. When you are ready, return to your surroundings refreshed!

My favorite place is Treasure Island in the Caribbean. When I take my mental vacation, I can feel the sand in my toes, the wind on my face, my hair blowing in the gentle breeze, and the heat of the sun.

Where’s your favorite place?

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