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Me, Harvey, & ALZ, How I Kept My Husband Who Has Alzheimer’s Coherent For Over a Decade
By Syndee Hendricks
$ 25.00
Are you ready to discover how Syndee kept her beloved husband, Harvey, coherent and viable for over a decade?

Coming soon: Companion Workbook with templates and critical information for you, your loved one, and caregivers.

goal for it book by syndee hendricks
Goal For It: 30 Paths to Imagine More Success
By Syndee Hendricks


Are you struggling to stay motivated to achieve your goals, or seeking ways to keep your motivation at a high level?

Do you enjoy getting ideas from others on how they achieve their goals? Are you looking for inspiration or a great read to pump you up? Then look no further, Amazon #1 Best Seller and New York Award Winning Book Goal For It – 30 Paths to Imagine More Success offers answers to all of those questions from multiple authors who are inspirational and extraordinary!

Syndee is the go-to person to get anything done. The title of this book, Goal For It: 30 Paths to Imagine More Success, is perfectly fitting, since that is exactly what Syndeedoes for herself and all those she serves.”

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Step Aside Book and Trilogy Workbook Series

SA15_FrontStep Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way
By Syndee Hendricks
$ 14.95

Are you in your own way of great health … happiness … and personal and professional success?

If your answer to that question is a resounding YES, it’s time to Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way. Syndee Hendricks writes and outlines a system and methods, from suggestions to develop your personal values to improving self-esteem, and from writing your “Personal Mission Statement” to setting and keeping goals.

In this enlightening and practical book, Syndee walks you through a process to improve your life through conscious living. She outlines, explains, and provides exercises to:

  • Believe in yourself and build self-esteem
  • Use integrity as a higher way to live
  • Eliminate “drama Queens and Kings” from your life
  • Identify your personal values and build your “tribe”
  • Create positive goals
  • Build your dream-board
  • Be grateful and spread your wings toward success

SandraYancey“What a great resource!”  

“I’m so impressed with how Syndee Hendricks illuminates insights that are often overlooked as we face a myriad of challenges throughout our lives. What is especially valuable, however, are the easy-to-apply actions to help you overcome them! This is an easy read to help through your most challenging times.”
~ Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder, eWomenNetwork, Inc. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.43.02 PMMy Life, My Way, Companion Workbook ($39.99)
is filled with tools that have the capability of helping people gain fulfillment in several life areas that are discussed in detail in Syndee Hendricks’ book, Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way. In this enlightening workbook, she walks you through many processes to improve life through conscious living in several important life areas—and she helps identify areas to improve self-esteem, raise integrity, eliminate negativity, and more. Discover the secrets to use 100 percent of your personal resources to create positive goals, build and realize your dreams, and use a meditation written by Syndee to create positive life changes that will keep you in that conscious living state.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.44.56 PMMy Life, My Way, Manage Me Planner ($24.99) is a custom-designed planner with instructions that features a year’s worth of daily planning by the hour with a place to schedule “must-do” tasks by day. Written with high achievers in mind, the workbook also features sections to complete a Mission Statement, Goals, Affirmations, and a Dream Board; and it includes areas for workload planning and project-planning pages. This useful workbook is a must-have for busy professionals.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.44.37 PMMy Life, My Way Empowering Journal ($19.99 and cover title feature a blank blue ribbon for you to personalize the book in your own name) is a fabulous tool to release all that “stuff,” which no longer serves you! This empowering and potentially life-changing journal also includes Reiki Blessings (healing blessings—Syn is a Reiki Master). The emotional baggage that most people carry can now be released through a mind-enhancing Releasing Meditation, which is written in the journal’s pages. The workbook also contains instructions on exactly how to use the Empowering Journal to realize its full impact and be able to move forward with all your personal power. It has nearly 100 pages you can fill with personal information and details that hinder your life progress – and all for your eyes only.



Syndee’s entire Step Aside Book and Trilogy Workbook Series ($100 and includes the book) – Syn invites you to buy this trilogy of workbooks and get started today! 


Christina Major Paul“We need to get out of our own way to get healthy.”

“Syndee shows in plain words how to be positive, focus on our values, and block the negativity that keeps us sick, tired, and unhealthy!”
~ Christina K Major, Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor


Insights From an Intuitive
By Syndee Hendricks

Insights From an Intuitive is my contribution of words and concepts to ponder, a healthy thought process, and perhaps support to your journey. I am hopeful that one of the pages will create a spark in you to catapult you forward toward your dreams.

About the Author

Syndee is an intuitive business professional with more than 25 years of successful, proven experience in coaching people to achieve their goals. In addition to successfully managing several businesses, she has also managed the careers of her subordinates to consistently facilitate advancement. After all, the most important part of business is still about the people working in those businesses. Syndee’s diverse career has taken her nationwide to work with thousands of people in many types of businesses helping them to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. Living and working in eighteen states has given Syndee a vast understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for individuals and businesses from rural to large cities for many different sizes and types of organizations. Syndee is accomplished as a published author, speaker, intuitive coach and business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist.

  • Launched Internationally Syndicated Podcast 2017
  • Best Selling Author (8 Books)
  • National Association of Business Owners: Outstanding Woman Leader Award (OWL)
  • Capital City American Business Women Association: Woman of the Year
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Entrepreneurial Advisor for PBWC Invent Your Future Conference
  • Retail Advisory Committee for WEAVE
  • Salvation Army’s Women’s Auxiliary: Created Women of Hope Program
  • Nominated as a New Thought Leader for Most Profound Impact–WBECS, World Business and Executive
  • Coach Summit 2015

There is an interesting story to share about Syndee’s “why” for becoming an intuitive coach and business consultant… and now an author. While writing the copy for her book and workbook, she was asked what was her “Why” for doing the work she does. She was stopped in her tracks. After thinking about it for a while, she asked someone with whom she has mentored for years and has watched her coach others. She said that she takes joy in watching Syndee take extreme pleasure from helping others move forward personally or professionally in their lives. When a woman whom Syndee was coaching achieved a milestone goal, Syndee was more ecstatic than the woman she had been coaching!

After decades of successful experience in business and a happy personal life,–neither of which came easily—Syndee discovered that drive and passion are to help others fi nd their joy in discovering and achieving their goals, their happiness, and their sought after dreams—or all three!

To learn about her appearances, events, and speaking engagements, Click Here.