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CEO, Imagine More Success, LLC

Syndee  led multi-million dollar divisions of the nation’s top retailers to record-breading performance and revenues, winning awards year after year. In record time, she provides valuable insight, inspiration, and action plans that catapult her clients from struggling to thriving in her international coaching/consulting practice. Working internationally and in nearly half of the US has given Syndee a vast understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for individual business from rural to large cities in many sizes and types of organizations and cultures.

An Award winning presenter, New York award winning and Amazon #1 Best Selling author and philanthropist, Syndee’s projects include co-hosting an eWomenNetwork syndicated international radio podcast, and finishing her ninth book by 2018, CEO of Imagine More Success, LLC, a global online resource for entrepreneurs, and founder of Helping Entrepreneurs Leverage Potential, a non-profit foundation. Syndee was selected as a Premier Success Coach for eWomenNetwork 2015 – 2018.


Syndee Henricks and John MaxwellSyndee’s diverse career has taken her internationally to work with thousands of people in many types of cultures and businesses helping them to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. Living and working in nearly have of the US and internationally has given Syndee a vast understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for individuals, businesses from rural to large cities in many sizes and types of organizations.

Maxwell Event with Syndee Hendricks -Group Picture[Photos of Syndee and John C. Maxwell above at a private, by invitation only Mastermind event. John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author of over 100 books and has sold over 19 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company, organizations that have trained more than 5 million leaders worldwide.] 

One of her biggest secrets during that lengthy career (shhh) was that she is highly intuitive—many who worked with her guessed that she had strong intuition.   In management positions with companies in previous years, it was not a plus to announce your intuitive gifts!

Syndee is accomplished as a published Award Winning New York and Amazon #1 best selling author, speaker, certified business consultant & intuitive coach, mentor, and philanthropist.

  • Launched; Internationally Syndicated podcast 2017
  • New York Award Winning and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author (8 Books)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO): Outstanding Woman Leader Award (OWL)
  • Capital City ABWA—American Business Women Assn: Woman of the Year
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Entrepreneurial advisor for PBWC Invent Your Future Conference
  • Retail Advisory Committee for WEAVE
  • Salvation Army’s Women’s Auxiliary: Created and Facilitated 8 years the Women of Hope Program
  • Nominated as a New Thought Leader for most profound impact WBECS, World Business and Executive Coach Summit 2015

Syndee‘s passion is to inspire the possibilities and assist in achieving them with each person with whom she connects so that they can re-invent themselves to live the life they envision.

Syndee’s Mission Statement:

Gratitude, love, health, and happiness are the priorities in life that give special meaning to the journey in this lifetime. Faith fueled by hope is the conduit that ignites the way into the light of success to assist others to find their way.

One thing that makes Syndee Special is her involvement with the community:

Syndee Hendricks giving back with Salvation Army program for women
Syndee has been facilitating a monthly workshop based on her Step Aside book and workbook for over 8 years at the Sacramento area Salvation Army in their Women of Hope Workshops.  After the workshop, Syndee and her friends, (with Deborah Wills pictured to the left) invite them into her closet that she started with the help of Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary.

More About Syndee…

As a leader and advocate for women’s issues, rights and success, Syndee Hendricks is the consummate professional with a dash of panache.  Named Outstanding Woman Leader by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  Syndee is known as someone who goes above and beyond in all she sets her mind to.  She has contributed to the success of countless individuals from top corporations across America to small business owners where she has built and then manage millions of dollars of business for companies, built competent, productive teams, to individual ‘on the spot’ coaching and consulting.

Syndee is known for thinking on her feet, her unique style and the way she thinks outside the box…for her, there is NO box!  When clients work with Syndee, they know she’ll go above and beyond the typical solutions because she is beyond ‘cookie cutter’ approaches.  She has creative insight, works from the inside out and provides real-world solutions unique to each client. She is direct and makes ‘no bones’ about helping her clients get laser-focused so they can move through the breakdown/breakthrough method with lightning speed.

Her suite of services includes not only Coaching and Consulting, but also workshops,  teleseminars, and many more—check out the services tab. And know that all those services can be custom designed for business or personal topics.  Her dozens of testimonials are all you need to know that she is someone who gets the job done for you in a way that is off the charts rewarding in any of the arenas she works.  If you want to make a big difference in your business or personal life, connect with Syndee and get started now!

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